Independent consultants on fiscal ethics and tax communication

Gunn Tax Communication offers independent consultancy on tax ethics and English language services for Dutch tax professionals. We help you to formulate and convey a clear tax message to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.
Tax translation
Do you know the difference between a ‘business’, an ‘enterprise’ and a ‘company’?
We do! We specialise in the translation of complex fiscal texts from Dutch to English.
Would you like to be challenged on your ethical strategy?
We can update you on the public debate about tax and corporate social responsibility and act as an informed sounding board and sparring partner.
Are you spending too much time drafting English newsletters, updates or memos?
We offer copy-editing services for tax professionals who need to optimise their external communications.
Language training
Are you comfortable presenting a complicated tax case in English? What about the Q&A?
We offer specialised fiscal language training to non-native speakers looking to improve their English skills.