It is an unfortunate fact of life that Dutch is still not the lingua franca of the international tax profession. For tax professionals working in the Netherlands, this means that important documents – e.g. case law, legislative texts or court analyses – may need to be translated into English. This can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive if done in-house.

Gunn Tax Communication provides tax translations (Dutch to English) by bilingual native speakers with extensive corporate experience and up-to-date fiscal knowledge. We specialise in direct taxation, EU tax law, tax treaties and other areas of international tax law. Although there are many translators out there (including specialised ‘legal’ ones), the translation of complex fiscal texts often remains problematic. Most translators are unfamiliar with the fiscal context and jargon. We are different in this respect because we have extensive practical experience working in the field of taxation. We understand your context and target-audience and can take this into account.

How we can help
  • Translation of tax related documents (e.g. memorandums, advice, compliance documentation)
  • Translation of standard documentation (e.g. flyers, newsletters, generalised documentation)
  • Translation of technical, scholarly or commercial articles