In recent years, the issue of ethics has become increasingly important throughout the tax landscape. Each in their own way, taxpayers, governments, judges, tax practitioners, the media and academics are grappling with questions relating to ethical taxation in a globalised world.

Gunn Tax Communication aims to provide a meaningful contribution to the ethics debate. We do this by developing our own thoughts and voicing our opinions on this matter. We provide input to public consultations, write blogs and publish articles. We also speak at conferences and seminars, sit on panels and are happy to talk to the media.

In addition to the above, we now offer a commercial service which we refer to as ‘Devil’s advocacy’. In the role of Devil’s advocate, we can act as a constructive critic in discussions on ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR) or stakeholder management. We can participate in boardroom discussions or technical meetings in tax departments or tax advisory firms.

How we can help
  • Constructive and critical speaker for conferences and seminars
  • Ethical Devil's advocate at technical meetings and strategic discussions
  • Help develop internal fiscal CSR and independent review of external policies