The Dutch are famous for their language skills. Conversational English or reading the Financial Times tends not to be problematic for tax specialists. However, when it comes to professional or technical English communication, this might be a different story. How good is your tax vocab? Are you comfortable explaining the nitty gritty of your field in a foreign language? Or would you benefit from some extra help?

Gunn Tax Communication offers language training with a fiscal twist. Because we both have worked in different parts of tax practices and academia, we are experienced in a range of different situations and scenarios in which a non-native speaker could benefit from a ‘dress rehearsal’. If you would like to run through your English presentation and then practice answering the type of questions that your clients or peers might ask you, Gunn Tax Communication can assist. We can set up a mock Q&A session in English and prepare you for anything your audience might throw at you.

How we can help
  • Improve your conversational fluency in tax related matters
  • Practice your spoken pitch, perfect your written presentation
  • Practice thesis defence or in-house technical assessments with an informed and critical tutor